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Chiropractic Philosophy

Offering a break away from traditional medicine and its limitations, chiropractic care offers holistic, alternative treatment plans that work on an individual’s whole self to lead to an increase in overall health and functionality.

Defined by the principles of D.D. Palmer, the following statements define chiropractic philosophy and why it exists while offering a glimpse at its benefits.

  1. There is a fundamental and important relationship between the spine and health which is mediated through the nervous system.
    The spine is central to the body and to the overall functioning of each and every human being. When one area is “off,” the rest of the body suffers the consequences. It is around this principle that chiropractic care and the idea of healing, starting with the spine, began.
  2. Mechanical and functional disorders of the spine can degrade health.
    From simple back pain to actual manifested disease, spinal dysfunction effects overall health. Chiropractors believe that the human body is extremely sensitive to even the smallest, unnoticed deformations of the spine. Proactive care is key to preventing long-term mal-effects.
  3. Correction of subluxations may bring about a restoration of health.

With the first two principles in mind, this fact pulls the philosophy together. Chiropractors believe that by restoring the spine to its optimal alignment, the body can reach optimal health. This is made possible through regular adjustments and other forms of manual therapy.

With a focus on a central, internal aspect of overall health and wellness, chiropractic philosophy offers a much-needed break from the prescriptions and over-treatments associated with traditional, modern medicine. In some cases, it may supplement these treatments, in others it may serve as a replacement.

By working with a chiropractor trained in the latest technologies yet rooted in the three basic principles outlines above, individuals are able to reach higher levels of wellness than ever before. Ready to make a change? Contact LeVan Chiropractic today for a consultation.