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Laws of a Speedy Recovery

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, accident, illness or other condition, you know the basics: take it easy, rest up, follow the doctor’s orders and so on. But, what if there was more you could do to speed your recovery? Rest assured, there is more that can be done. Following are the laws of a speedy recovery.

Eat Healthier

It’s a given. Eating healthier leads to a better sense of overall wellbeing. We talk about this a lot and recovering from an injury is no different. By taking the time to eat whole foods that provide essential nutrients without added preservatives and unnecessary grease, sugar and other additives, you’re helping your body function at its best. This is critical for optimal recovery.

Look for Balance

In most cases, added stress is detrimental to healing. It takes the focus off of recovery and places it on factors that lead to worry, doubt and negative thoughts. Look for ways to reduce stress, especially during the recovery phase. By practicing deep breathing and other relaxation techniques on a regular basis, your recovery speed may increase.

Keep Up Your Activity Level

While certain activities may not be possible during recovery, it’s likely that modifications might be. Staying active  could involve low-impact cardio, targeted strength training, getting outside or simply moving around for a little more time each day. By making an effort to get back to regular activities as soon as possible, you’ll avoid developing negative habits that could hinder recovery.

Finish Your Homework

When a doctor, therapist or chiropractor gives you an assignment, it’s not for their pleasure; it’s to give you the tools to aid on your path to full functionality. Set aside time each day to complete your “homework” assignments with diligence and patience. Don’t rush through it…recovery requires time and energy.

Work with a Professional

If your goal is a speedy, healthy recovery, you need a partner in the process. Discuss your situation with an experienced chiropractor who will make your speedy recovery their top priority, like LeVan Chiropractic. Our team will work with you and listen to your goals while crafting a plan for success.