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Migraine Triggers

It’s no secret that migraines negatively affect sufferers and that a migraine can bring everyday life to a complete and sudden stop. While chiropractic care can provide instant and lasting relief to sufferers, there are also certain triggers that have been proven to cause migraines.

In many cases, a combination of targeted chiropractic adjustments and the elimination and avoidance of triggers can reduce the frequency of migraines, sometimes eradicating them altogether.

Proven Triggers

Foods: In many cases, certain ingredients and compounds in foods can trigger migraines. These include aged cheeses, wines, processed meats, refined carbohydrates. Additionally, eating off schedule, allowing blood sugar to drop or changing a regular eating schedule can be triggers along with allowing the body to become dehydrated. To eliminate these triggers, avoid the foods listed above, eat on a consistent schedule and snack regularly with healthy, whole foods.

Stress: In addition to other negative health issues, weight fluctuations and tension headaches, stress can be directly linked to migraines. To avoid stress as a trigger, taking the time to relax, to meditate, to sleep and to exercise are essential.

Environment: In some situations, stress and foods have nothing to do with the onset of migraines. Instead, environmental factors can be at play – sometimes too much sun, a change in the weather, certain smells (like gasoline) and loud noises can contribute to migraines. While some environmental triggers cannot be avoided, understanding their role in migraine headaches and avoiding certain situations can be helpful.

 Acting Accordingly

If you are a migraine sufferer, consider starting a journal. Write down what happened in the day leading up to a migraine headache. Over time, consistencies may become apparent. To take it one step further, consider consulting with an experienced chiropractor, like Dr. Scott LeVan at LeVan Chiropractic for a consultation today. The combination of avoiding triggers and regular chiropractic adjustments can alleviate migraines; the time to act is now.