Client Testimonials

  • I was suffering from low back pain. It was to the point that I could not stand at the sink to wash my daughter's bottles or bend over to pick her up without having pain. I would get out of bed in the morning and not be able to stand up without pain. I am 35 yrs old and had no energy or desire to do things with my 13 year old son that would eventually cause my back to hurt. We had a health fair at work and Dr. Scott was there doing some test that looked weird, but I figured what the heck, it can't hurt for this Chiropractor to tell me how messed up my back was. I hadn't planned on doing anything but having him check it out and be on my way. But somehow the man talked me into making an appointment and I haven't looked back since. That day was the first day of the rest of my life. I use to think that Chiropractors just wanted your money to crack your back, well I was WRONG! Its about helping you to be healthy and by taking care of your spine. When the spine is healthy, so are you! I have more energy to do things, happier with who I am, and just after 2 weeks, I don't have the pain I use to have. You walk in the door and you are treated like family. I don't know how I got through my life without Chiropractic care before, because it was and is the best decision I could have made to take (care) of me, so that I can take (care) of my children.

    Michelle M., Patient

  • My life has changed a lot. I feel much better, not just my body, but my entire outlook. I have more energy, I am sleeping better, and I just feel so much healthier-more conscious of body and how it works. What do I like best about the "office"? Well, I love the feeling that I get from just walking through the is a relaxing atmosphere, it's comfortable and safe. I look forward to appointments and I feel that every appointment is just as important as the one before it and the one after it. They are wonderful individuals (LeVan Chiropractic) who genuinely care for their patients and not only about their health, but about them as individuals.

    Shannon O., Patient

  • I had pain in lower back that was diagnosed as arthritis, following treatment by 3 sets of steroid shots, I was getting less and less relief. Surgery was the next step in the traditional treatment plan. I did not want surgery and so sought chiropractic treatment. It has just been a few adjustments but I can feel considerable pain relief. It was practically immediate and continues improving. I can tell my activity level is improving and I am sleeping better, as is, my wife. (A welcome, though unexpected coincidence. Everyone is helpful and genuinely pleasant. They seem truly happy I am there. The adjustment method of treatment appeals to me because it is an intuitive process.

    John H., Patient

  • I was experiencing pain in the lower back, the right shoulder, and in both knees. All of the pain felt severe, but the most persistent was the pain and discomfort in the right shoulder. After one (the first) adjustment, I could feel a dramatic improvement in the shoulder pain. My pain after three visits is greatly diminished, especially in the right shoulder. There is a sincere caring and concern for each patient and the care as individuals we receive. The staff assures comfort and kindness in each visit. It seems as though you are visiting and being helped by family. What could be better than that?

    Milo G., Patient

  • I have suffered from low back pain, pain in my shoulder, headaches and problems with my sciatica for years. I was referred to Dr. Scott from people I work with. I have only been coming here for 2 weeks but last night was the first time in 3 1/2 years that I basically slept through the night. I know by following my schedule and coming to the office for my adjustments will improve my health through my life. The entire staff is wonderful and it is a pleasure to be here.

    Susan S., Patient

  • Chronic neck and shoulder pain and numbness in leg on right side. It was a constant dull pain. I don't remember ever not having pain in my neck. I was always having someone rub it hoping it would relieve the pain. It didn't, it actually got worse. Since Chiropractic care, I no longer have pain or numbness, in fact, I really have to concentrate on what it was like when I had pain. Office is a blessing, respect my time and always smiling. You know they enjoy what they are doing. I am listened to and my questions are always answered. They are very informative and always educating me.

    Linda S., Patient

  • I was having trouble with my neck & back. I could hardly turn my neck and my back was hurting to the point of going to the emergency room. My back has only bothered me 2 to 3 times since I started coming in May and my neck can fully be turned without the initial pulling feeling. I came to this office through my work during the annual Health fair. I spoke with Dr. LeVan and made an appointment. The best thing is I feel good and I am not taking any muscle relaxers for my back anymore. I feel more energetic, especially with my young granddaughter. The BEST thing about this office is that it is a friendly office and you are treated like family.

    Sue C., Patient

  • I came to LeVan chiropractic with complaints of back pain, and muscle tension. The pain I felt was so severe I could not lay on my back and feel relaxed. I always felt tense. I feel much more relaxed. The pain in my lower back has decreased greatly. I met Dr. Scott LeVan during a health fair at my job. I like the friendly office environment and knowing that they care and are willing to help you live a healthier life.

    Abraham L., Patient

  • Neck problems sever enough to send me to the E.R. twice in two weeks. Since Chiropractic care, my neck is better, I have less headaches, and my energy level has improved. I love the thorough evaluation and the fact I know that I not only get relief of symptoms, but I am preventing problems.

    Jim S., Patient

  • I suffered from excruciating lower back pain, and was told that surgery was my next step. My quality of life has improved 100%. I am now able to enjoy most activities without pain. I was referred to Dr. Scott, by a loving friend that knew my quality of life was compromised by pain.

    Deena E., Patient

  • Chronic sinus pain/pressure with sinus infections every 3-4 months. Since Chiropractic care, my chronic sinus pain pressure has decreased dramatically. I have not had a sinus infection (or any need for antibiotics) since I started getting adjusted. I like the ease and efficiency of getting adjusted--no long wait and flexible times. I also like how I can breathe better after an adjustment.

    Michelle E., Patient

  • I suffered from Migraines 3-4 times a week. My upper and lower back pain caused loss of sleep and made it difficult to lift my kids. Since Chiropractic care my migraines have reduced drastically. Also back pain and fluid of motion are 70% better. At LeVan Chiropractic, they are very kind and flexible. They put you at ease, and anywhere my children are treated with kindness and respect, makes my day.

    Tavare L. , Patient